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"JobzLab is needed and unique. They are the only predictive assessment platform for engineers to offer 1 year guarantees! That's bold. JobzLab is not another shiny, useless platform. I love their tested and proven human assessments based on 35 years of building acquired tech teams. The easy and fast platform is a pain-free tech shortlist and firewall funnel."    Rich Ramey, Leader of Recruiting Technology at Amazon

Tech Skill Set + Inherent Traits + Lifelong Experiences = Great Hires
One Year Guarantees...That's Confidence!

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Do your candidates make the grade? Before you interview or hire engineers|developers, just ask one question -
"What's the JobzLab grade?"

THE PROBLEM: Companies hire engineers|developers predominantly based on skill set. It's a common mistake and a costly, time draining team building nightmare.

OUR SOLUTION: Jobzlab's predictive, human assessments (TAGs) dive deep and take just 7 minutes. Don't you want top 10% talent, loyal, and great culture fit employees who will grow as your company grows? We call these new hires "Super-Engaged" employees.

  1. We capture targeted data about engineers' inherent human traits illuminating hidden talents, faults and red flags. It's like engineering "Moneyball."

  2. We also laser focus on lifelong experiences that enable us to predict who the Super-Engaged engineers are.

  3. We increase the odds of college students and alumni to land their dream careers through tailored interview skills assessments and video training.

We SHORTLIST your technical candidates super-fast and FIREWALL your teams from making costly, bad tech hires.

Our Customers

Why JobzLab? We have 35 years of wisdom and experience building startup engineering teams that have been acquired by Sony, Facebook, Cisco, and others. We surgically harvest and analyze the unique data to answers that great engineers provide us. We discover common denominators that only the best tech talent share.